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Welcome to our online shop where you will find a selection of pure and clean vape juices. All our juices are crafted to have maximum VG in their mix. Our juice is delicious from the first drop to the last. 

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In all honesty out of all the vape shops I have bought from . This is the best customer service above anyone by miles !!! Extra little goodies and presents .

Top wrapped/protection . Customer service with questions and answers and very yummy juice . Highly recommend and will always be back for more

Chris Mcmeekan

561 Juice is absolutely the best 💜 I've been buying it religiously for 18 months now, because no other brand comes close to the perfect smooth flavour here. Customer service is always outstanding, really goes above and beyond to make every order quick, easy and with extra surprises. I'd never shop anywhere else 💙

Emma King

The only thing better than the juice is the service. Jello head is a perfect treat vape or all day vape on those indulgent days. Not too sweet but just gets better and better with time. Stronaught is a refreshing all day vape. I found it quite tart so never felt it was too much.

Big ups to the team at 561 Juices!!!

Trent Hemi