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Juice label

We designed our label to be simple yet provide information about the product. 

On top left corner we have "Max VG" indicating the juice were mixed at maximum possible VG on top of the flavouring formulas for the particular juice. 

On top right corner we left Nic space for you to write down your own nic that you put into the juice.

Running vertical on the right hand side is the manufacturing date of the juice. Most of our juice have been pre-steeped for at least a week before going into sale. This is done so that when you get your hand on our juice its ready to vape. No more time wasted on waiting the juice to be ready for vaping.

On the bottom section there is a warning section where it stated the following:
- Avoid putting the juice bottle under sunlight for prolonged period of time as this has been known to change the strength and taste of the juice.
- Store out of reach of children and pets. This is important especially if you have added nicotine to your juice. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance derived from the tobacco plant. 
- Only use on e-cigarettes. Although our non nicotine juices are made from food grade ingredients we are not recommending for other consumption than e-cigarette devices.
- Ingredients on what goes on our amazingly tasty juice. We put in PG as some of our flavouring are PG based flavouring. We don't add additional PG to any of our juices.



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